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Hotel Olynthos

Hotel Olynthos

Indulge in the ultimate luxury getaway in the heart of Halkidiki with Hotel Olynthos, where you can bask in the sun-drenched beaches and explore the rich cultural heritage of the region


About Us

Welcome to Hotel Olynthos, a traditional hotel that embraces the rich history and culture of our beautiful town of Olynthos in the region of Halkidiki, Greece. 

At Hotel Olynthos, we pride ourselves on offering our guests an authentic taste of Greek hospitality. We offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere that captures the essence of traditional Greek culture, combined with modern amenities and personalized service that cater to your every need.

Thank you for choosing Hotel Olynthos as your home away from home during your visit to Halkidiki. We look forward to sharing the rich culture and tradition of our town with you, as well as treating you to the locally-inspired cuisine that our restaurant has to offer.

Our Traditional Cuisine


Step into a world of flavor and tradition at Hotel Olynthos’ restaurant!

Our menu is a celebration of authentic Greek cuisine, featuring dishes that are made using only the freshest and highest quality locally sourced ingredients, from tender grilled octopus, to juicy souvlaki and creamy tzatziki.

To accompany your meal, we offer a range of beers and tsipouro to complement the bold flavors of our dishes. Our friendly staff is always on hand to offer recommendations and pairings, ensuring that every sip and bite is a match made in heaven.

Discovering What's Nearby

Looking for a Greek vacation that offers both history and breathtaking scenery?

Look no further than Hotel Olynthos, with an array of ancient archaeological sites located just a stone’s throw away, including the Ancient Olynthos and Potidaea, guests can immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Greece.

But that’s not all! The Kassandra Peninsula beaches are also nearby, where guests can sink their toes into the golden sand and dive in the crystal-clear waters. The nearby Agios Mamas and Kalyves villages provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and the stunning sea views are sure to take your breath away.

Historical Sites

A visit to the ancient city of Olynthos is a must-see as it offers a fascinating glimpse into the ancient Greek world with its well-preserved ruins and artifacts.

Beach Bars

 You can sip on a refreshing cold coffee while lounging on the sand and taking in the soothing sound of the waves.


Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a beginner looking to try something new, the crystal-clear waters and perfect waves of Halkidiki’s beaches make it ideal.

Night Life

Halkidiki boasts an exciting clubbing scene, with a variety of clubs that offer different music genres and vibes, ensuring a night to remember for all club-goers.

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